10 brilliant animal yarn bombs

Yesterday was seed-bombing, so today is yarn bombing. Urban knitting meets the jungle. And a lot of squid.

London squid yarnbomb - Simona Perrotta - Crumbs and Petals1. Even squid in London want to be photographed next to an iconic red telephone box.    (c) Deadly Knitshade at Whodunnknit

Yarnbombing - Snake - Dorsia - Crumbs and Petals2. Bicycle rack snake is curvy gorgeous. (c) Dorsia

Yarnbombing - Squishy street sweeping snail trail - Knit the City - Crumbs and Petals3. Brixton’s own handmade molluscs: a squishy street sweeping snail trail (c) Knit the City

Yarn Bombed Lion - Tanya Hart - Crumbs and Petals4. Roar! Yarn-bombed by Bournemouth and Poole Stitch n Bitch. He’s called Rainbow. Don’t laugh in his face. (c) Tanya Hart

Yarn Bomb - Squid Tree - The Dapper Toad - Crumbs and Petals5. Another squid – this time, tree-sized. He’s made with four miles of wool! (c) The Dapper Toad

Yarn Bombing - Santa Bunny - KittElisa - Crumbs and Petals6. A rather cross looking bunny Santa Claus. I think he looks a bit like a Bunny Suicide        (c) KittElisa

Yarn bombing - Guerrilla Gorilla! - Knit Hacker - Crumbs and Petals7. Accessories now. A Bristolian gorrila in a dashing sweater. (c) KnitHacker

Yarn bombing - Kangaroos - Edward and Lilly - Crumbs and Petals8. And some kangaroos with legwarmers and scarves (c) Edward and Lilly

Yarn Bombing - Monkey with a Hat - Crumbs and Petals9. And a little monkey with a little hat (via Pinterest)

Yarn bombing - squid - The Ukulele Blog - Crumbs and Petals

10. Finally – you guessed – another squid! (c) The Ukelele Blog

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