Back to School - Badger Jotter by Rocket 68 - Crumbs and Petals

Back to School Style – Nine New Notebooks

Nine new notebooks, for a whole semester of scribblings.

Back to School - Notepads - Crumbs and Petals

Continuing our quest to recreate the magic of getting ready to go back to school, there’s never any harm in acquiring one or two notebooks. Or nine.

Paperchase Sardines Tin A6 Flexi Linen Notebook - £8

Back to School - Paperchase Sardines Tin A6 Flexi Linen Notebook - Crumbs and Petals

Is there anywhere but Paperchase to buy your paper products? Well, clearly there is, otherwise this would be a very short blogpost. But these sardines are cute.

Moleskine Classic Notebook XL Plain – £16.99

Back to School - Moleskin Classic Notebook XL Plain - Crumbs and Petals

If I’m not typing, I write on plain paper – never lined. My favourite sort of notepad is a hardback sketchpad – a little like this Moleskine Classic with plain paper.

Suck UK Notebook and Pencil – £7.50 large, £5 small

Back to School - Suck UK Notebook and Pencil - Crumbs and Petals

Are you one of these people with a pen, but never anything to write on? Or a pad, but nothing to write with? Suck UK has solved all your problems, with this notepad with an ingenious built-in pen. Unless you lose both the pen and pad…

Smythson Wishful Drinking Panama Notebook – £45

Back to School - Smythson Wishful Drinking Panama Notebook - Crumbs and Petals

Smythson of Bond Street. Such an aspirational brand. Imagine having the pennies to waste your drunken meanderings on a notebook this expensive. Wishful drinking indeed.

Papyrus Monogram Pocket Notepad – $4.95

Back to School - Papyrus Monogram Pocket Notepad - Crumbs and Petals

Still posh, but maybe a little less pricey is Papyrus’s pretty set of monogrammed notepads. If I was Miss Marple, this is definitely what I’d use to write all my clues in. Except then I would have the M one, not the H one.

Cath Kidston Clocks A5 Notebook – £6

Back to School - Cath Kidston Clocks A5 Notebook - Crumbs and Petals

Tick tock. Let all those deadlines whoosh by with this smart little notepad from Cath Kidston. I especially like the inclusion of the retro 60s oval alarm clocks.

Nunna F.U.C.K. Sketchbook – £18.50

Back to School - Nunna F.U.C.K. Sketchbook - Crumbs and Petals

Tell school/college/work what you really think of them, with this striking, neon-orange handprinted book. Probably the most stupidly ostentatious stupid statement you’ll ever make without even having to write anything down.

Badger Jotter by Rocket 68 – £2.60

Back to School - Badger Jotter by Rocket 68 - Crumbs and Petals

Badgers are lovely. The word jotter is lovely too – too seldom heard outside a school setting. Embrace both by getting your paws on this gorgeous design from Rocket 68.

Sara Fanelli Notebook – was £3.95, now £2

Back to School - Sara Fanelli Notebook - Crumbs and Petals

Something quirky and unusual, and exclusive to Tate. Sara Fanelli is one of the world’s foremost illustrators, but instead of signing this work of art, she’s left some space on the front for your own name. Don’t let her down by drawing willies on the inside. I mean it.

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